Eight One Sixty Episode #237: Best Albums of the Decade: Fally Afani

Show #237
Best Albums of the Decade: Fally Afani

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Airdate 07.16.2019

Show's summary

All month long on the Eight One Sixty, Chris Haghirian is chatting with local music aficionados about their top area albums of the decade. This week’s special guest is the queen of all things Lawrence, Fally Afani. She runs the blog I Heart Local Music and she also runs Lawrence Field Day Fest 2019, which is happening this week — on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And new this year, it’s all FREE! Over 20 bands will play over the 3 days at The Granada TheaterThe BottleneckWhite Schoolhouse and Lucia Beer Garden + Grill.

On the show we’ll hear about Field Day Fest and we’ll also hear music from Fally’s favorite albums of the last decade, including The SlutsCowboy Indian BearCS LuxemPsychic HeatApproachBUMMERTyler GregoryGnarly DavidsonTruckstop Honeymoon and Stiff Middle Fingers.