Eight One Sixty Episode #282: '90s Week on 90.9

Show #282
'90s Week on 90.9

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Airdate 06.02.2020

Show's summary

On this week's episode of the Eight One Sixty, we celebrate KC music from the '90s. This show was a lot of fun to put together — digging through hard drives, looking up old articles and blog posts, and scouring through YouTube and Discogs. Things are weird right now, but maybe we can give you a brief moment of escape, to sit back and enjoy some KC music from a couple decades ago.

We'll hear from these bands:

Song list

Leave Me At the Tree Mates of State
M - For Show The Mongol Beach Party
Mine Eyes Season To Risk
Dirtnap Resign
Preoccupation Pamper the Madman
Go Work! Sin City Disciples