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Weekend Roundup: Bang Your Head


Remember those kids who went viral after playing a handful of Metallica covers on the Country Club Plaza a couple years ago? This trio of brothers -- Henry, Eli and Abe Ismert -- calls itself Hammerhedd — a thrash metal outfit influenced by the likes of Mastodon, Slayer, Gojira, and of course, Metallica, who shared the video that has now garnered more than 21 million views. The band is releasing its debut EP, “Essence of Iron,” tonight at the Riot Room, and will be supported by four other ear-pummeling groups: Hellevate, Bleed the Victim, Meatshank and Worldsucks. Tickets are available.


Prefer a slightly breezier way to get into the weekend? Head over to Davey’s Uptown tonight and get your jangle on. It’s a four-band, all-KC bill of guitar-throttled punk, power pop and angular alt rock, with appearances from Knife Crime, Deco Auto, Ex Acrobat and AM Power Nap.


The end of Daylight Savings Time can only mean one thing — it’s time to snuggle in with a heaping dose of melancholy. Make the short drive Saturday night to Myers Hotel Bar, a recently renovated watering hole in Tonganoxie, Kansas, that serves boutique cocktails and doubles as an intimate listening room. This weekend, the bar hosts an evening with the haunting, contagious melodies of Kansas City songwriters Teri Quinn and Kara Myree, and Springfield, Missouri, folk trio Blue False Indigo.


You may not expect the blues to be a genre dominated by strong female musicians…unless you’re from Kansas City. If you’ve ever found yourself at Mama Ray’s weekend jam at BB’s or happened upon a solid lineup at Knuckleheads, you know KC has been the breeding ground for a number of regionally and nationally recognized blues acts — many of which happen to be led by women. It’d be a major oversight not to mention the Fish sisters in this conversation — the international rising star Samantha, who recently made New Orleans her new home, and vocal powerhouse Amanda, who is moving to St. Louis. Tomorrow night, Amanda Fish is throwing a farewell show at The Brick with special guests Broken Arrows.


Ever seen an 11-piece band take over the stage of The Ship? Make your way down to this West Bottoms joint on Saturday night to witness this nearly impossible feat, and bring your dancing shoes. Salsa orchestra Mundo Nouvo will be performing from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. With vibrant brass and percussion sections, the group puts a vigorous spin on the traditional music of the Caribbean, Cuba and Haiti.

—Michelle Bacon