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An Exclusive Interview with The War and Treaty

Above image: The War and Treaty | Photo: The Bridge 909 Session, 2018

“Hearts Town — where we’re leading in the truth of our love for one another.”

That’s a quote from Michael Trotter Jr., talking about his band’s upcoming album. It's also the duo’s personal mantra.

Bryan Truta had a phenomenal conversation with Michael and Tanya Trotter, the husband-and-wife team who make up The War and Treaty. Our Bridge Artist of the Week is gearing up to release its sophomore album, “Hearts Town,” on Sept. 25. 

Listen below for an exclusive interview about the music, the story behind their latest single “Five More Minutes,” and leading through love. Read snippets from the interview below as well!

On readjusting to life at home:

“We’ve been able to enjoy our home. Our oldest girl just got her license today, so we’re a little terrified about that.”

“I’ve painted every room in the house… without tape. I think I’m gonna open up a painting company.”

The Story Behind “Five More Minutes”:

“We’re always asking for just five more minutes, and this song makes you think about what you need five more minutes for. In our case, it’s five more minutes to love.”

“I was sitting on my stairs, and my wife caught me and called the police... My wife gets down on her hands and knees and she says, ‘Michael, I know you have a timeframe to do this, but if you just give me five more minutes to love you, I promise I’ll make your life make sense.’ 

That phrase kept ringing in my mind… Five more minutes to love, and not to just love anything, but to love me. I gave her that five minutes and I’m still living in it right now.”

On human resilience:

“As a war veteran who served his country, I feel that it’s humanly responsible to want to protect each other… making sure that we’re doing proper things for this moment in our history so we can get back to some sort of normal programming.”

“As leaders and as people who lead with love, the one thing I’d like to remind folks is that we are built to survive. We’re built to thrive. We are a resilient people, and we as human beings, as one race, can get past anything. So, there is hope.”

On the Meaning Behind “Hearts Town”:

“Hearts Town is the thing we’re gut checking ourselves with — making sure that we are all living in a town led by pure and good hearts, not hearts that are contrived or filled with animosity. Hearts Town — where we’re leading in the truth of our love for one another. That’s what the album is about.”

“It’s tempting to engage ourselves in this emotional kind of warfare… but when you have elevated yourself in the true beauty of true love, then you realize that a skin tone is just that — a skin tone. And you start looking to the heart.”

On Life After the Pandemic:

“Touring in itself — playing shows, being able to meet the fans and connect with this energy that we all haven’t been able to exchange in this period of time is really gonna be something amazing to experience.”

“Anytime anyone goes through trials and tribulations, or a stressful time in their culture, music has always been there.”

If you can't get enough, be sure to check out The War and Treaty's 909 Session from the 2018 "Healing Tide" tour at this link!

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