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Violet and the Undercurrents – 'Eyes On the Sky' Exclusive Video Premiere

Above image: Violet & the Undercurrents | Photo: Amber Nicole Thiessen

The forthcoming release from Violet and the Undercurrents recounts the story of a sea captain and his conversation with a group of sirens. The quartet’s first full-length since 2014, “The Captain” is a masterful two-part work that guides the listener through a spirited narrative, steered by the resolute vocals of songwriter Violet Vonder Haar.

“Eyes On the Sky,” the album’s definitive track, is an emboldening tale of endurance and perseverance.

“There’s something magical that happens when we play this song live, and I feel like this live video captures some of that magic,” Vonder Haar said.

Both the music video and song were captured at the Mansion Studio — located in a 10,000 square-foot colonial mansion in Columbia, Missouri. The tune's transcendent energy resonates with the listener and, as noted by Vonder Haar, feels like a “musical meditation” for the group.

"There have been moments playing this song on stage where we were transported to another space and time, and we felt like a live video was the best way to capture some of that energy,” she said, adding that the band often ends its sets with the song. “It always feels like the perfect send-off, and a reminder to stay focused on the light, keep moving forward, and to listen to and trust your intuition."

Here is The Bridge’s premiere of “Eyes On the Sky” by Violet and the Undercurrents:

The studio recording of "Eyes On the Sky" was tracked by Bruce Barkelew, and the live video was directed by Sean Thiessen.

Catch a free in-store performance from Violet and the Undercurrents and grab a copy of “The Captain” at Mills Records Company on Saturday, March 2.

—Michelle Bacon

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