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The UK's – 'Motor City Blackout' Exclusive Video Premiere

Above image: The UK's | Photo courtesy of the artist

Returning with the lead single from their upcoming EP, “Basement Mondays,” are the indomitable rockers of The UKs

The single, “Motor City Blackout,” builds with a chugging guitar riff — a triumphant callback to the group’s classic rock influences and the coarse rawness of modern garage punk like The White Stripes and The Hives — all the while depicting a man’s descent into his own internal darkness.

“Motor City Blackout” is also The UK’s music video debut, a concept that came from the band’s lead vocalist/guitarist Noah Bartelt and director Jakob Roberts. It’s a one-shot video that hones in on the narrator’s (in this case, Bartelt’s) perspective as he performs the song, indifferent to the intermittent cameos from his jovial beer-drinking and video game-playing friends.

“We wanted to display a dissonance between the main character and the world happening around them to show how depression and unhealthy coping can affect a person’s interactions with those around them,” Bartelt said. “To do this, we filmed the entire video with the song and myself going at half-speed, and then sped the video up to match the speed of the song.”

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “Motor City Blackout” by The UK’s: 

The UK’s are throwing an EP release/Halloween party at The Rino on Saturday, Oct. 26, with support from Hot Suede and Miki P & the Swallowtails. More details are available at this link

—Michelle Bacon

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