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Bridge Exclusive: True Lions – 'Communion Day' Song Premiere

Above image: True Lions / Alison Hawkins | photo: Quinn Hernandez

Today, Kansas City collective True Lions introduces listeners to “Communion Day,” a track equally suitable for a jaunty spring drive or an incendiary affront to sanctimonious systems of power.

Thanks to rollicking rhythms, festive chords and the dauntless vocals of Teri Quinn, the song masks itself as a jovial, cloying anthem that unfolds into a subversive look at religious duplicity. True Lions’ lead songwriter, Alison Hawkins, says that it was inspired by the 1976 horror flick, “Alice, Sweet Alice,” where a young girl is brutally murdered on her First Communion. “Communion Day” playfully swirls around its disconcerting imagery, juxtaposing a Catholic rite of passage with the Church’s history of oppression and abuse. 

“I strive to complement heavy subject matter with a fun, joyous, approachable sound that hopefully sheds light on tragedy and hypocrisy,” Hawkins says, adding that they were fascinated by the film’s commentary on “family conflict within white, wealthy religious traditions.” 

And while Hawkins casts a fundamental light on voices that have been silenced or cast aside, they also use True Lions to elevate significant voices in KC’s music scene. “Communion Day” is the first of four singles from the band’s upcoming record that will feature a different member — this time, Quinn, a remarkable solo artist and multi-instrumentalist.

“Few bands in KC are all femme/enby, and these woms (my shorthand for women) are powerhouses in this scene. They absolutely deserve to be recognized for their hard work and brilliant imaginations,” Hawkins said. I support their artistic endeavors 100%, and I want to equally co-promote their unique identities as musicians alongside True Lions.”

True Lions’ new album, “The Fempire Strikes Back,” arrives April 9 via Manor Records. Watch for the band’s next three singles, featuring Claire Adams, Adee Rocket Dancy and Miki P.

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