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Teddy New Year – 'Goodbye, Baby' Exclusive Video Premiere

Above image: Teddy New Year (Andrew Foshee) | photo: Alec Nicholas

Who is Teddy New Year, anyway?

A few things, really. Teddy New Year is a renaissance man. An “acclaimed puppeteer turned soft-rock star.” The musical product of deep depression and a relationship gone awry. The latest songwriting project of KC-based artist Andrew Foshee.

Foshee has a knack for crafting lavish baroque-pop arrangements. His last album “Strange Relations," released under his own name in 2017, was a finely orchestrated collection of psychotropic folk pop songs. As Teddy New Year, Foshee puts a Brian Wilson–esque spin on those elements, bringing equal parts melancholy and levity to the project. 

This musical alter ego came into being about a year and a half ago, after Foshee went through a breakup. 

“Songwriting has always been this vehicle for me to not only express uncomfortable things I’m dealing with, but also try to figure them out,” he said. Through that experience, he learned about taking himself and his music a little less seriously.

“That’s really how Teddy New Year was born,” Foshee said. “He’s always been right there… I’m just handing him the microphone. I’m letting him lighten the mood and talk about the normal stuff that goes on in my life without feeling the need to airbrush in some teardrops or reference a thesaurus.”

Today he’s unveiling the “Who Is Teddy New Year?” EP with a delightful new music video for “Goodbye, Baby.” It was Foshee’s first attempt at stop-motion animation — the result of 60+ hours of work over a four-day period.

“I really love Robot Chicken so that may have been what sparked the idea,” he said. “I shot everything in my living room using an iPhone and two different fold-out tables I borrowed with rotating sets I’d make as I went along.”

Here is The Bridge’s premiere of “Goodbye, Baby” by Teddy New Year:

“Who Is Teddy New Year?” is available on Bandcamp and major digital platforms today.

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