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Support the Music That Supports You

As we all strive to adjust to a world of changes, at least one thing remains the same: The spirit of music discovery on 90.9 The Bridge is always here to lift us up and elevate our days. Our public mission will always be to service you and include you. 

Bridge Member and public radio lover Keith G. in Olathe, Kansas, writes, “Long-time listener: but now, more than ever, working from home and listening all day long, I have come to re-appreciate everything The Bridge stands for, especially in these difficult times. We all need to support what is truly unique and what we hope to never lose: local businesses, local artists, and local radio. I challenge everyone to consider what they are saving these days, just in terms of gas money, and to re-purpose those funds to help secure local radio in Kansas City.” 

If you love Kansas City’s NPR music station as much as Keith, then join him in donating to The Bridge, your member-supported radio! 

It’s your support that keeps the music you love on the air. You decide what it’s worth. Donate online now or call 800-418-1988.

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