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Shadow Rabbits: 'Listener' Exclusive Video Premiere

We’ve all had that dream where we’re running away from some terrifying, invisible force. It’s the quintessential nightmare, instilling a fear of the unknown that only dissipates as we snap back to consciousness in a cold sweat.

Shadow Rabbits — the musical/visual collaboration between Jon Ulasien and Ashley Dattola — presents us with that same menacing sense of suspense in its latest music video, “Listener.” With backing band members Keenan Stump, Bo McCall and Ryan Whitehouse, the group provides an urgent, gripping score to a thrilling cinematic story.

In addition to writing the music together, Ulasien directs the band’s music videos, while Dattola stars in them.

Check out The Bridge’s exclusive premiere of “Listener,” from Shadow Rabbits.


Shadow Rabbits will spend Friday the 13th at The Rino in North Kansas City tonight, with Pageant Boys and What A Wreck.

—Michelle Bacon

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