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Bridge Exclusive: Scores – 'Talk Flood' Premiere

Today’s Bridge premiere marks the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Scores’ debut single, “Talk Flood,” is a strident banger swelling with introspective rage.

Scores links three long-time friends, former roommates and like-minded architects of intricate, cerebral indie rock. You may recognize the charismatic vocal melodies of CJ Calhoun from Cowboy Indian Bear and his solo project, Bonzo Madrid. He’s accompanied by brothers Austin and Alexander Ward, the brains behind The Noise FM and contributors to the visceral flavors of Hembree. 

The Wards and Calhoun had long toyed with the idea of creating music together, but a month-long backpacking trip through Europe sealed the deal. They were inspired by the “heavy bass lines, driving drums, and distorted synthesizers” that pulsated through clubs they visited across the continent.

That cadence comes through on “Talk Flood,” with an added dose of piercing indignation.  


While it’s just as easy to get trapped in the song’s melody, you’ll likely find yourself ensnared and emboldened by its deliberate sense of chaos. Calhoun’s sleek and earnest vocal delivery steers its frenetic pace as he frames the turbulent state of gun violence and police brutality in America. 

Histrionic rhythms and jarring soundscapes thread together imagery of rubber bullets, riot gear, “another kid on the ground brings a military answer,” and “dogs staring down the protestors.” Though its lyrics were written in the wake of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, the trio reminds us of how clearly they echo today as they declare “the doom coming down on a whole generation." 

“Talk Flood” will be available on all major streaming platforms Friday, April 2. Purchase the song on Score's Bandcamp page tomorrow and proceeds will go to VibrantHealthKC.org, a local healthcare provider that provides quality community healthcare regardless of socioeconomic obstacles.

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