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Bridge Exclusive: The Republic Tigers – 'Risky Business' Song Premiere

Above image: The Republic Tigers / Kenn Jankowski | photo courtesy of The Record Machine

Fans of The Republic Tigers waited over a decade to hear the follow-up to their 2008 debut, “Keep Color.” Originally intended for a 2012 major label release, the “Mind Over Matter” LP was finally unveiled earlier this year, with help from Kansas City label The Record Machine (Check out The Bridge’s premiere of the first single, “Falco Peregrinus”).

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait far as long for more. The band’s latest single, “Risky Business,” comes from an older, unfinished demo written by members Kenn Jankowski and Ryan Pinkston. 

The story of a bitter relationship gone awry, “Risky Business” is just as lush and anthemic as you might expect from The Republic Tigers. But with Jankowski’s vivid vocal cadences, pulsating synths and celestial backing vocals, it’s euphoric — and nearly intoxicating, in the most thrilling of ways. 

Here's The Bridge's premiere of "Risky Business," by The Republic Tigers:

The Record Machine · The Republic Tigers - Risky Business

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