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Bridge Exclusive: Pala Zolo – 'Sycophant' Song Premiere

Above image: Pala Zolo (Eric Davis) | photo courtesy of The Record Machine

Pala Zolo is the brainchild of Eric Davis, a multi-instrumentalist whose sonic textures augment the dark pop intensity of Hembree. He gets a chance to stretch his muscles as a composer with his solo project, uncovering a boundless universe of sound and sensation. 

His new single, “Sycophant,” is both brooding and buoyant, allowing Davis to experiment with elemental electronic hooks, expressive synth lines and incisive rhythms you can dance to. 

But the polished product you’re hearing now didn’t come easy, emerging from a series of lost recording sessions. The original version of “Sycophant” had already been in Pala Zolo’s live rotation, but that track — along with months of work — disappeared when Davis’s hard drive crashed in late 2019. 

“I was devastated and defeated, but this incident inspired me to upgrade to a better computer and to take my recording more seriously in general,” he said. After much encouragement, Davis decided to retrack the song entirely.

“With my better recording setup and more experience, I ended up with a much better song than the original,” he said. “And now nearly two years after writing it, I’m so proud to release it. One of those crazy situations where everything somehow worked out for the best, and I’m honestly glad it happened the way it did.”

So are we.

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “Sycophant”:

“Sycophant” is available today on all major digital platforms, via The Record Machine.

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