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Olivia Fox – 'Elevator Doors' Video Premiere

Above image: Olivia Fox (L to R): Tiffany Smith, Lauren Flynn, Aubrey Dykeman | photo: Chris Mullins Photography

Just in time for Mother’s Day weekend, we’re featuring a poignant music video from KC pop-folk trio OLIVIA FOX.

“Elevator Doors” originally appeared on the band’s 2019 album, “Carbon,” and was produced by Tyler Banks. Videographer/director Shawn Gormley approached the band upon hearing the song, wanting to help them tell this story through a sincere, unadorned music performance video.

Written by the band’s primary songwriter Lauren Flynn, “Elevator Doors” confronts the profound emotions of pregnancy loss.

“My husband and I tried everything we could for years and were so excited when we found out we were finally expecting,” she said in a press release. “Our excitement was cut short when we learned there was no heartbeat. It absolutely crushed me.”

In a recent post on OLIVIA FOX’s Facebook and Instagram pages, Flynn shared more about her personal experience. 

“I just remember leaving the room and getting to the elevator doors, hoping they would just open and close again so I could finally break down and try to comprehend the emotions I was feeling at the time.”

Filmed at Flynn’s house — accompanied only by the piano it was written on and the graceful harmonies of Aubrey Dykeman and Tiffany Smith — the music video beautifully encapsulates this complex moment of grief. The timing of the release around Mother’s Day was also substantial to Flynn.

“After going through many years of heartache, I know firsthand what a sensitive time it can be for so many wishful mothers,” she said.

But beyond the anguish of this experience, the release of this video portrays an outlook of hope, compassion and love — to extend a hand to those who have gone through infertility, and help them find healing.

“Our mantra as OLIVIA FOX is that we want to empower and stand alongside other women,” Dykeman said. We decided to arrange the song for our album because supporting [Flynn] and all of the other women struggling with this or any issue is who we are as a band. We hope this video will help us reach more people with that message of love.”

Here is The Bridge’s music video premiere of “Elevator Doors,” by OLIVIA FOX:

—Michelle Bacon

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