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Nick Siegel — ‘Get In the Car’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Above image: Nick Siegel | Photo submitted by artist

Nick Siegel’s musicianship was first exposed to local music audiences in 2010 when the pianist moved to Kansas City from Chicago, joining up with The Casket Lottery (on keys) to add a layer of tension to an already explosive sound. 

Relocating to KC also allowed Siegel to focus more on his own musical endeavors.  As a solo artist, his music falls farther down the pop spectrum than The Casket Lottery, but thanks to his exceptional piano work, it’s no less compelling. “Get In the Car” appears on his latest album, 2017’s “Awake From the Golden State.” A dizzying, dramatic piano waltz, the song stands in contrast to many of the album’s bouncier pop tunes. Today, Siegel is debuting the song’s music video.

“This was my way of closing out that project,” he said. He is currently working on a concept album that will be released in sections, along with a number of music videos to accompany them. “I wanted to reflect on how we experience heartache from our youth up, so the project is really eclectic, which is why I'm releasing it in sections. Each collection of music has its own feel. I was inspired by music of the 1920s, the two-minute song structure of the ‘60s, honky-tonk drunken cowboy music, dark ballads and pop songs without polish.”

The frenetic music video for “Get In the Car” was directed by Jon Ulasien, whose cinematic storytelling matches the song’s suspenseful, tragic pathos. Along with Siegel, the video stars Ashley Dattola and Rachel Woods.

Here is The Bridge’s premiere of “Get In the Car,” by Nick Siegel:

Siegel’s next show is at The Rino on Friday, June 21 with Brent Windler. The two bandmates (in The Casket Lottery and Sons of Great Dane) will perform their respective solo material together. More info on the show is available here.

—Michelle Bacon

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