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Mr. Golden Sun – ‘Heavy Water’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Above image: Mr. Golden Sun | Photo: Cassie Stephens

The Bridge is excited to premiere “Heavy Water,” the latest single from Mr. Golden Sun.

Using old archival footage of astronauts careening to high G-force levels and children wearing gas masks, the dystopian video provides a jarring juxtaposition to the song’s gliding, dreamy pop sound.

“The song deals primarily with the feeling overwhelmed in the face of a fairly unrelenting stream of stressors, so I wanted to have a visual accompaniment that matched,” said Matt Hamer, the band’s songwriter and frontman.

Hamer — who started the project upon moving to Kansas City from Wichita, Kansas, in 2015 — finds his songwriting inspiration in the people, culture and landscape of the American Midwest.

“I’m really interested in telling small stories about the people and places I actually know and live in, whether literally or fictitiously. My home has always been in the Midwest, and I have a deep love for it,” he said. “Authors like Wendell Berry, Marilynne Robinson and Flannery O’Connor have also had a huge influence on me. They’ve prompted me to shrink my scope down to my immediate surroundings, experience and try to bear witness to them as best I can.”

“Heavy Water” will be a part of Mr. Golden Sun’s upcoming album, “Central States,” which will be released sometime this fall.

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “Heavy Water” by Mr. Golden Sun.


Watch for the release of the "Central States" EP this fall. You can download “Heavy Water” on Bandcamp.

—Michelle Bacon