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Monta At Odds – 'Grasping Infinity' Exclusive Video Premiere

Above image: Monta At Odds is led by brothers Delaney (left) and Dedric Moore. | Photo courtesy of the artist

Monta At Odds leads off its 2018 album, “Argentum Dreams,” with “Grasping Infinity” — plunging the listener headfirst into the band’s astral universe. It’s the latest release from the KC-based combo, steered by boundary-pushing brothers Dedric and Delaney Moore.

“Grasping Infinity” builds slowly with a cascading synth arpeggio and the sublime vocals of Taryn Blake Miller — AKA Your Friend — who guest stars throughout the album. Characterized by dizzying dub echoes, intersecting Afrobeat rhythms and a sinister synth bass line, the song is a slice of interstellar futuristic disco that culminates in a spastic, unsettling tribal drum beat.   

In approaching the music video for the song, producer Sam Frickleton sought to create vignettes associated with the perpetual cycle of life – the idea of "grasping infinity repeatedly." His mind immediately turned to the imagery of mirrors.

“When I was 10 or 11, my parents’ lake house had a bathroom with large mirrors on opposite walls. I would always imagine a parallel world existed with an entryway that would open if you stood at just the right angle, and I remember being stuck in time seeing infinite reflections of myself,” Frickleton said. 

“The final product evokes a kind of ‘Alice down the rabbit hole’ feeling and has elements of miniatures, light refractions and slow, rotating camera movements.”

Without further ado, here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “Grasping Infinity”:

The music video was produced by Frickleton and directed by Jasmyne Peck, with cinematography by Jake Harbour.

Your next chance to catch Monta At Odds live will be next Friday, March 29 at the recordBar for a special 3Deep ChromaDepth visual concert, combining live electronic music with live visual projections. ChromaDepth glasses will be provided to the audience to wear during the performance. More info is available here.  

Michelle Bacon is the Content and Database Manager at 90.9 The Bridge. She also plays bass and drums in bands.

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