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March 29 New Music Adds: Kadesh Flow, Beabadoobee, The Roseline

A new week means new music discovery on 90.9 The Bridge! We've got more fresh tracks to add to our playlist of current songs – including Kadesh Flow (pictured), Beabadoobee and The Roseline.

Bachelor - “Stay in the Car”


We started spinning Bachelor's debut track “Anything At All” a couple weeks ago. This week, the collaborative project of Jay Som (Melina Duterte) and Palehound (Ellen Kempner) shares a Pixies/Breeders-inspired track, along with an album announcement. Kempner wrote the new single, "Stay in the Car," at the end of 2019 while she was in Florida for her partner's top surgery. “I had run out one afternoon, post op, while he was healing to grab lunch for us and as I was gathering my stuff in the parking lot, a big car pulled up and this absolutely beautiful woman got out,” Kempner said in a press release. “She was yelling at the man behind the wheel asking him what he wanted from the store and I wished I was that man. I wanted to be a part of her life, her best friend, her driver, whatever she wanted me to be. I was completely mesmerized." Bachelor's debut album, “Doomin' Sun,” is out on May 28.


Beabadoobee - “Last Day On Earth”


Beabadoobee reimagines her “Last Day on Earth” as though she had known about the impending pandemic before it happened. “It was written shortly after the first main lockdown and lyrically it’s me reflecting on how it would feel if we all knew ahead of time what was going to happen," she said in a press release. "All the things I would have done if I knew it was the last day of our old normality." It's a preview of Beabadoobee's upcoming EP, “Our Extended Play,” written and recorded with The 1975's Matty Healy and George Daniel.


The Black Creatures - “Elements”


KC dark-pop duo The Black Creatures is back with “Elements,” the latest from their 2020 debut album, "Wild Echoes." With a thumping dance-floor immediacy, it's got us longing for moments of connectivity — the ones that keep us “burning, breathing, living.”


Dandelions - “Random Then Works”


So far, the Dandelions collective has released less than a handful of singles, but each one is a well-crafted slice of indie power pop. Their latest, “Random Then Works,” is no different. You may have already heard the track recently on Sonic Spectrum. Now, we can only hope for more future collabs between KC singer-songwriters Brent Windler and Tim Gutschenritter.


Dry Cleaning - “Strong Feelings”


"Strong Feelings" is the latest offering from south London post-punk band Dry Cleaning. Florence Shaw's vocals sit cooly atop a sinister bass groove as she talks about “secretly being in love with someone who doesn’t know it, and Brexit’s disruptive role in romantic relationships.” This Friday, look out for their debut album, "New Long Leg," via 4AD.


The Hold Steady - “Heavy Covenant”


Last month, The Hold Steady dropped an impassioned new LP, “Open Door Policy." In his typical sharp writing style, frontman Craig Finn narrates a character study on desperation and the need for human connection on the album's latest single, “Heavy Covenant.”


John Grant - “Boy From Michigan”


Since embarking on his solo career after leaving The Czars, John Grant has been experimenting with electronic dance pop and dreamy funk textures. He's announcing a new album with its title track, “Boy From Michigan" — a song he says is about “the transition from childhood to adulthood, the simplicity and innocence of childhood and the oftentimes rude awakening that occurs when one crosses over into adulthood.”


Kadesh Flow - “But Hope”


As we move closer to the promise of brighter days, “But Hope” is quickly becoming our 2021 anthem. One of three new tracks from Kadesh Flow, the KC-based emcee and trombonist urges us to keep persisting, to keep moving ahead: “Now together we push forward despite all the trauma and the scars / crazy how a past wound can become how you are marked / recognition of position as you're playing your part / to change the world around you / it's just a start.” And if you like that, good news – Kadesh releases new music on an almost weekly basis. Follow his Bandcamp page for the latest.


Kero Kero Bonito - “The Princess and the Clock”


For their whimsical new bop, “The Princess and the Clock,” Kero Kero Bonito spins a legendary tale about “a young explorer who is kidnapped while sailing the world, imprisoned at the top of a tower and worshipped as royalty by an isolated society,” according to the band. "Trapped in her chamber, she spends years dreaming of escaping, until one day she disappears." It's a preview of the British band's April 21 EP, "Civilisation II," which was recorded using vintage hardware only.


The Lone Bellow - “Dried Up River”


Nashville's The Lone Bellow dropped a surprise new single called “Dried Up River” — a song about finding contentment. Listen back to The Bridge's 2020 interview with the band's primary songwriter, Zach Williams, about their last full-length, “Half Moon Run.”


The Roseline - “Seven Hundred Second Chances”

After releasing its exceptional 2020 effort, “Good/Grief,” The Roseline returns with the title track from its upcoming record, “Seven Hundred Second Chances. “This song came together relatively quickly when I brought the acoustic skeleton to the band,” said the Lawrence group's lead singer/songwriter, Colin Halliburton. “It has a comfortable groove and familiarity to it, but we tried to make it all our own with little sonic touches like the sustaining fuzz note and the chimey, vintage vibe of the bridge. Lyrically, I'm exploring the corruptibility of humans and examining my own privilege, while also noting that we should all be aspiring to the greatness of teachers.” The track doesn't officially drop until this Friday — but you can hear it in our regular playlist on The Bridge!


Check out all of our new music adds at this link, and visit our News section early each week for more!


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