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Listyn KC Playlist

Above image: Waldo Pizza's Tap Room hosted Listyn KC events for several years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. | photo courtesy of Listyn KC

A group of audiophiles is banding together to create a world-class listening experience in Kansas City. Flatland profiles Listyn KC founder Kelsyn Rooks and the Center For Recorded Music — “a temple of sorts to the vinyl art form” — planning to house a nightclub/museum with a ultra hi-fi stereo system, curated playlists and special guests.

“It’s as much about the community we’re building as it is the facility,” founder Kelsyn Rooks said. “It’s more about giving people a place to come and share this incredible musical journey that we’re all on, and give them tools that individually they probably can’t afford. The average person can’t afford a $150,000 stereo system. But here they can listen to it five nights a week, and ultimately even seven.” 

Find out more about Listyn KC via Flatland, and hear a selection of tunes from past live Listyning Room events.