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Wilco | Photo: ANTI- Records

Listen To Wilco’s Woozy New Song, ‘Someone To Lose’

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Above Image: Wilco's latest album, Schmilco, is out Sept. 9.
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Wilco’s latest song is the Beatles-inspired “Someone To Lose,” both a woozy acoustic strummer and a fiery rock song with a playful melody. Partly a reflection on past mistakes in romance and relationships, “Someone To Lose” perfectly captures the almost comical cluelessness we sometimes experience as we fumble our way through life and love. “Wouldn’t you know it,” sings frontman Jeff Tweedy. “I keep rollin’ considerin’ no one… …I’m so confused, I can’t lose.”

This is the third gem Wilco has shared from the band’s upcoming album, Schmilco. The group previously released the wistful “If Ever I Was A Child” and off-kilter “Locator.” Schmilco is out Sept. 9 on dBpm records.

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