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Legendary Los Lobos Rocker Steve Berlin visits The Bridge Studios for a Conversation and Tutoring session

Above image: Steve Berlin and Enrique Chi in The Bridge studios

Musician and producer Steve Berlin of longstanding East L.A. Tex-Mex rock band Los Lobos appeared in The Bridge studios this week and worked with young aspiring songwriters from Kansas City’s Rebel Song Academy. Steve Berlin and brothers Enrique and Diego Chi took time out Wednesday for a conversation with The Bridge’s Jon Hart about their years together, the value of creating original music and Berlin’s own journey as a musician.

Berlin produced Making Movies latest album, I Am Another You.The band launched the Arts as Mentorship nonprofit after several years of hosting music camps for kids in partnership with local arts organization Mattie Rhodes. The Rebel Song Academy is a music education program that pairs local youth with world-class artists to write, perform and record original works. Students embark on a three-month journey of self-discovery, and for this week’s workshop, Steve Berlin led them through the process writing and creating a song at The Bridge studios, which he called a “labor of love.”

Berlin got his start with Los Lobos back when he was playing with The Blasters in L.A. during the 1980s. He recalled for Hart how Los Lobos played Mexican folk songs to rough punk crowds, which inspired him to join the band. 


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