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Lazy Projector: 'Neon Light' Exclusive Video Premiere

Aaron Shinn has been writing and recording music since the age of 15.

“My early recordings were more for my own enjoyment and exploration,” he said of his songs, which were initially influenced by folk music. “I was always interested in writing simple melodies that felt timeless and just strange enough.”

After moving to Kansas City in 2015, Shinn was inspired by the area’s music scene, along with national acts with more of an ornate pop sound — such as Broken Bells, Wilco and Spoon. He decided to put together a solo act, record an album and assemble a band. The result is Lazy Projector, a project that joins Shinn’s propensities toward poetic folk and lavish, shadowy pop.

Today, we’re premiering Lazy Projector’s second music video, “Neon Light.” Animated by Trey Morgan, the song will be featured on the band’s upcoming full-length album, “evoco.”

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “Neon Light” by Lazy Projector.

Watch for the release of "evoco" in November.

Michelle Bacon