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Kian Byrne – 'All the Love' Exclusive Song Premiere

Above image: Kian Byrne | photo submitted by artist

If you’re familiar with a few different corners of KC’s music scenes, you’ve probably spotted Kian Byrne on a stage. 

A skilled multi-instrumentalist, Byrne was steeped in musical traditions. At 25, he began drumming and touring the globe with The Elders, a renowned Irish rock group led by his father Ian. He’s also made his mark in a number of essential Kansas City acts — like The Good Foot and The Grisly Hand — now on bass with rocksteady band The New Riddim and on drums with psychedelic soul collective Hi-Lux

Byrne is also an experienced songwriter, who has a hand in the arrangements in each act he performs with. This year, he's preparing to release his next solo album, and unveiling his latest single today — “All the Love.” 

“I think this song is just a message to be conscious of what’s around you. Times can be hard, but things do get better,” Byrne said. “Everyone is battling something, we don’t understand for ourselves, but we can still show love, and be hopeful for others. You’ve gotta love yourself and others around you.”

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “All the Love” by Kian Byrne:

You can catch Kian Byrne performing at The Westport Saloon this Saturday, Feb. 8, with touring acts Sally and the Hurts and Beni Brosh. More details are available here.

—Michelle Bacon

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