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Bridge Exclusive: Khrystal. – 'Magic' Premiere

Above image: Khrystal. "Magic" | photo: Alishia Maxwell

Today’s Bridge Premiere comes from singer, songwriter, rapper, writer and actor Khrystal Coppage, known to KC music fans simply as Khrystal.

Her new single, “Magic,” jumps in with both feet, ready to embrace and laud the cultural contributions of Black women while addressing the polarities of what it actually means to be one. 

It samples the 1977 track “You Can Do It,” by R&B/disco artist Linda Clifford. Khrystal. raps over the song’s original refrain, with funky retro touches from Duncan Burnett, her frequent producer and collaborator. 

With Khrystal.'s slick delivery as an emcee, "Magic" comes off as a fun summer bop. And while it certainly is that, it also reclaims this idea of excellence in Black women.

“I wanted to tap into the cryptic magic of what it means to be Black… to be a Black woman,” she said. “In the same breath that we are hated, our culture is loved — celebrated, even. It’s a disturbing honor.”

She waxes poetic on the beauty of melanin and natural hair, while protesting appropriation. She dismisses the “culture thieves” who position themselves to uplift Black women while simultaneously categorizing and undervaluing them. 

But in her eyes, the song is intended to give Black women — including Khrystal. herself — some of that genuine power and “magic” back.

“I wanted to make a song that would make me feel empowered and in return, empower others,” she said. “To love themselves, and to recognize how to better love the people around them.”

Here is The Bridge's premiere of "Magic," by Khrystal.:

Manor Records · Magic

“Magic” is available on all major streaming platforms today via Manor Records, and a limited run of 10 cassingles will be available to purchase through Khrystal.’s Bandcamp page. Coming up: Hear an interview with Khrystal. tomorrow night on The Z Show, and catch a livestream performance from her on Friday, Aug. 28 for the Greenline Grows KC benefit concert.

—Michelle Bacon 

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