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Bridge Exclusive: Katy Guillen and the Drive – 'Willingly' Video Premiere

Above image: Katy Guillen & the Drive | photo: Anna Selle

Today’s Bridge premiere promises to be a refreshing spot in an otherwise strenuous season, bought to you by a KC music mainstay.

"Willingly" is a buoyant earworm from Katy Guillen & the Drive, the latest project from guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Katy Guillen and drummer Stephanie Williams. In the song's music video — conceived, filmed and edited by Khitam Jabr — we get an auspicious glimpse of love, longing and possibility, all while passing through colorful backdrops of Brooklyn in the summer.

“We hope people enjoy the sunny vibes of this video,” Guillen said. “This seems like an especially good time for its message of love.”

Here’s The Bridge’s video premiere of “Willingly,” by Katy Guillen & the Drive:

"Willingly" comes from Katy Guillen & the Drive's debut EP, “Dream Girl," which is available to purchase on their Bandcamp page. They also recently launched a Patreon campaign — subscribe at this link.

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