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Kat King – ‘Song From Spain’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Above image: Kat King Band | Photo: Kailee Karr

As the first hints of autumn begin to emerge, so do the melancholy sounds of the season, magnified here by the sublime lilt of singer-songwriter Kat King.

Though “Song From Spain” was released in February, King has been hard at work on the video for nearly seven months with director Cody Boston (a freelance video producer at KCPT – Kansas City PBS) and cinematographer Sam Snead.

“We had a small concept in the beginning, but as filming progressed, the concept progressed with it. It wasn’t until about the third shoot that we had a full-grown idea of the visual story we were telling,” King said.

Originally penned in 2017, King began writing the song after being inspired by a letter she received from the person she was in a back-and-forth relationship with at the time.

“I found it emotionally draining at that time to be ready to commit to someone while they pull you in and then push you away, especially over an extended period of time. I think that feeling is pretty universal,” she said. “It was really fun to use the theme of letters in place of that person — they leave, but they still leave their mark with you.”

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “Song From Spain” by Kat King: 

You can catch King with her full band at Middle of the Map Fest on Friday, Oct. 4 at Songbird Cafe, and then at recordBar on Thursday, Oct. 31 for the Netflix and Thrill Halloween Ball with Not A Planet and Kid Computer.

—Michelle Bacon

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