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Bridge Exclusive: Kadesh Flow – 'Cry For Me 2' Song Premiere

Above image: Kadesh Flow | photo: Nicole Bissey Photography

Just in time for the Valentine’s Day weekend, Kadesh Flow delivers a track for the rest of us.

On “Cry For Me 2,” the Kansas City rapper trades in his often rapid-fire rhymes for achingly vulnerable melodies. The song is a candidly solemn look at the conclusion of a relationship, arriving on the back of a particularly tumultuous year.

The artist – whose real name is Ryan Davis – calls the song “a lament of [his] current reality,” one where he acknowledges how the pursuit of individual passions can get in the way of a partnership. The track will also appear on Kadesh Flow’s nearly completed album, “Room Service 2.” Originally intended to be an EP, the upcoming full-length shows the artist processing a substantial and unusual year. 

“It starts with me feeling chaotic but thankful that I have a rock-solid partner; it ends with me no longer being with that partner,” Davis said. “I wrote ‘Cry For Me 2’ a few days after the breakup conversation.”

The accompanying visual juxtaposes a storyline from “Full Metal Alchemist,” which highlights the relationship and growth of two characters.

“Their dynamic resonates, due to his obsession with his goal and her intensity in finding a way to level him out, while becoming great in her own field,” Davis says about the two anime characters. “The story easily could end with them not working out because she just doesn’t have the time, patience and emotional capacity to put up with his process.”

Kadesh Flow's “Cry For Me 2” is now available to download or stream at Bandcamp.


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