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Bridge Exclusive: Julien Baker Interview

Julien Baker joined Jon Hart via Zoom for an exclusive, socially distant interview, a week ahead of the release of “Little Oblivions,” coming on Friday, Feb. 26 via Matador Records.

She talks about finishing college, making music in her attic, her relationship to music during quarantine and "sitting in gratitude."

Check out the interview and read a few snippets below!


On finishing her college degree after her unexpected success as an artist:

"It was so helpful and therapeutic to detach my identity and the things that I think and do from being in the public sphere... of having spectators to all the ideas I have or wish to share."

“I was afforded the great privilege of playing music to where I can be financially stable, and so many people don't get that... Not everyone gets to dive into their brain and unpack the layers of ideologies.”

On the new album's fuller band sound:

"I excel in minimalism and challenged myself to make that a characteristic of my art... But why would I limit my love of music and sound in this way to fake-serve the poetry of the song?"

On making music in quarantine:

“Everything’s been up in the air and I’ve just been with my instruments, returning to loving sound with no pretense.”

"Sometimes it becomes hyper focused around a specific set of songs — what they mean to an audience, how you perform them and what you say about them. Now when I sit around and find new chords – I can’t remember the last time I figured out a new chord. It’s kind of a cyclical thing.”

On learning lessons from her dad:

"It doesn't serve people really well to say something bad has to happen to you... You have to go through some stuff to learn."

"When you have such an awareness of what other people have overcome, it seems ridiculous to have that handed to you, and I feel that in music a ton. My dad called me out on creating a fake issue for myself."

On collaborating with her boygenius bandmates (Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus) on the song “Favor”:

"They were in Nashville, so we all went and sang on each other's songs... we missed each other."

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