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GO DJ! Hip-Hop Discovery Show Launches April 3

“Go DJ! That’s my DJ!”

We are thrilled to welcome GO DJ! to 90.9 The Bridge's airwaves! Hosted by KC creatives Khrystal. and Bobbeh C., the show centers around elevating voices in the local, national and international hip-hop scenes. You'll hear the hip-hop that popular radio won't play, with the hopes of bringing fresh sounds and ideas to the genre.

“Hip-hop has always been a way to keep an anthology of the times," said Khrystal. “There are a lot of artists right now that have some interesting things to say, and I want to give them a platform to speak out.” Khrystal.'s work fuses the worlds of theater, film and music performance and production. A few of her singles, including “Magic” and “Melanin Poppin',” have been featured in The Bridge's playlist.

“With GO DJ!, I intend to use my voice to empower thoughts and perspectives that aren't always represented in music. We’re here for the love vibes and inspired energy,” said Bobbeh C., a comedian and host who teaches storytelling and improvisation, and leads Tribe University.

GO DJ! launches on April 3, joining our Saturday Night Music Discovery Block from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Khrystal. joined Mornings With Bryan Truta this morning to make the official announcement. Listen back to their convo below!


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