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Bridge Exclusive: Geraldine Glen - 'Interim Love' Song Premiere

“We’ve all been someone’s interim love.”

Kansas City singer-songwriter Geraldine Glen makes her inaugural entrance with a slow-burning ballad, the self-described “soundtrack to your summer fling.” 

Glen examines modern-day hookup culture as she defines it — “by ambiguous intimacy that largely favors white cis male supremacy” — with delicacy and coyness, both in her voice and her Rhodes piano. 

“The lack of care we have for each other during certain stages of growth in our youth is so common that everyone knows this feeling,” Glen says. “Interim Love” reflects on that feeling of imbalance and negligence through the lens of a past relationship. 

“I recognized that I was being treated as an interim love. At the time, this was not such a big deal to me so long as my autonomy would be respected. It wasn’t,” she says. “So, this is me telling the lazy man eating his cake and ice cream: ‘Don’t get mad when the sugar walks out.’”


With the help of an emotive horn section (Brett Jackson and Pete Carroll) and the musical ingenuity of The Freedom Affair/Black Light Animals members Cole Bales and Branden Moser (who helped write, arrange, mix, produce and play several instruments on the track), Glen reclaims her independence through a warm, classic soul sound.

“Interim Love” is Geraldine Glen’s debut single, officially out on digital platforms and streaming services via Groove King Records tomorrow – Friday, July 23.

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