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Freight Train Rabbit Killer: ‘The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Above image: Above image by Peter Lee

Freight Train Rabbit Killer puts its particular deranged spin on an age-old tale, with “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” “Most of this was about capturing the world of Freight Train Rabbit Killer. We’ve been trying to get a music video together for years now, but the universe would not allow it, so I decided to shoot it myself,” said Kris “Freight Train” Bruders, who gathered shots for the video on his phone throughout the band’s year on the road. A menacing tune that fits impeccably within the duo’s catalog, “The Tree,” was originally written by Eve Sheldon of The Wilders and performed on Rural Grit’s 2001 live recording. “Because I worked on the recording, I listened to the songs over and over, and it was one of the standouts,” said Mark “Rabbit Killer” Smeltzer, who began performing the song in 2002 and eventually adapted it to his foreboding duo. “I’ve come to think of the meaning of this song as one of ownership,” Smeltzer said. “As we discover the wings of our own divine nature, we must also recognize the gravity of responsibility. It is called humanity. Own it.” Here’s our premiere of Freight Train Rabbit Killer’s debut music video, “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

Watch for the second of four 45-rpm singles from Freight Train Rabbit Killer in April, which will feature this track as the A-side. Volume 2 of "Wake Snake Death Dance" will be released Friday the 13th at recordBar, via Haymaker Records. More info and a preorder for the album can be found here. —Michelle Bacon