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Bridge Exclusive: Fritz Hutchison – 'Cold Comfort' Video Premiere

Above image: Fritz Hutchison | photo: Craig Sands

Earlier this year, Fritz Hutchison released his solo debut effort, “Wide Wild Acres,” after years as a multi-instrumental sideman across Kansas City’s folk, indie rock and jazz scenes. In a feature with The Bridge in early 2020, he talked about the vulnerability of entrusting his own songs and words to audiences.

On his new single, “Cold Comfort,” that vulnerability welcomes you in and invites you to take a seat.

Today, we’re premiering the music video for “Cold Comfort,” filmed and edited by Hutchison, with help from Alison Hawkins and Mikala Petillo.

Hutchison describes it as a sad song, “one about a relationship’s fibers fraying in the moments before the line snaps.” But as you venture further, that heartache gives way to a profound nostalgia, driven by a leisurely ‘70s pop sound that's tied together with indelible grooves and an exuberant horn section.

The music video acts in a similar way, as we watch the songwriter and his trusted guitar sing over wistful, fragmented visuals — scenic forest views on the road between Missouri and Arkansas, and affectionate home video snippets from his childhood. After finishing the video, Hutchison himself felt a stronger sense of sentimentality, a deeper connection to a mostly forgotten part of himself. 

“I must admit that while watching the images of my sister, my parents and me flicker in the woods, I felt bound stronger than ever to a time I lived but can't remember, and the figures to whom I owe my survival,” Hutchison said. “I hope this video brings to your mind the people you love the most, and I hope that if they see it, they think of you.”

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