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Bridge Exclusive: The Freedom Affair – 'Outta My Mind' Video Premiere

Above image: The Freedom Affair | photo submitted by artist

Start your day with a sumptuous new music video from a Kansas City gem — The Freedom Affair!

“‘Outta My Mind’ is about longing for someone, or something, that isn’t available,” said drummer and video director Dave Brick. “For musicians and performance artists, we’ve all been longing to suit up and get back on stage during this pandamnit. I wanted to make something that would speak to anyone missing performance art, whether it be live music or a drag show.”

It gives us a vignette into the world of Moltyn Decadence — a KC-based entertainer, makeup artist and drag performer who also emcee’d the last show The Freedom Affair played before the shutdown. 

“I knew Moltyn could deliver a performance that could express the emotional rollercoaster of loneliness, confusion and hope we’ve all experienced over the past year, Brick added. “Now that we’re releasing the video and returning to the stage, I hope we can collectively experience a little joy at long last.”


This Saturday, The Freedom Affair will make its return to the stage at Lemonade Park, performing two sets. The show is sold out, but you can still grab a CD or digital copy (that's right – the vinyl is sold out, too) of their towering debut album, “Freedom Is Love,” on their Bandcamp page.

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