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Interviews with Eddie Moore and Sam Wells

Over the weekend, we highlighted two Kansas City artists – jazz pianist, composer and educator Eddie Moore and singer-songwriter Sam Wells – in our continuing celebration of Black History Month. Find out a ton about their backgrounds, careers and the impact of music on their lives, as they have conversations with another great Kansas City artist, Khrystal.

Interview with Eddie Moore


On the evolution of jazz and what it means today: 

"My understanding of the integral part of jazz is only the freedom of expression... Jazz is the music of its time period."

“I'm always going to improvise through the dialect that is Black American music... from swing to stride to bebop to funk to R&B to hip hop to rock… That's what jazz is today.” 

Eddie's playlist:

  • J3PO – “Dovetail”
  • Madvillain – “Figaro”
  • Braxton Cook – “No Doubt”
  • Dom Chronicles – “Let's Go Outside”
  • Christian "Atunde Adjuah" Scott – “Cages”
  • We The People – “Bando”
  • Eddie Moore – “We Chillin” (a premiere of Eddie's new solo track!)


Interview with Sam Wells


On the authenticity of songwriting: 

“I allow myself in the actual writing process to be as expressive as I need to be… As musicians, we tend to want to wear everything on our sleeve… sometimes that can be dangerous because you're so overexposing yourself that there's nothing left for just you to hold secret and dear.”

On stepping outside of the musical boxes Black women artists have been allowed to exist in: 

“As a Black woman… to be able to walk into a room and say ‘I’d love for you to listen to this, it's worth your time' is really hard… Especially if you're doing something that's maybe not in the parameters that have been set for our specific type of person."

Sam's playlist:

  • Sam Wells – “For the Deflated,” “Letter of Resignation,” “Desert”
  • Crystal Rose – “Not Leaving”
  • Khrystal. – “Melanin Poppin'”
  • Payge Turner – “But For Now”
  • Paris Williams – “Nola”
  • Calvin Arsenia – “Cantaloupe”

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