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Claire Adams – ‘How Good That Feels’ Exclusive Song Premiere

Above image: Claire Adams (right) and Alyssa Murray | photo: Anna Selle

The world is in a turbulent state so we’re here to bring you a slight reprieve, with a hopeful new tune from our Bridge Artist of the Week.

“How Good That Feels” is the latest single from Kansas City singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Claire Adams. From her upcoming full-length album, “You Know I Know You,” it’s a song about the unexpected joy that abruptly emerges from the anguish of adversity and heartache.

Served well by Adams’ agile pop charm, the track is offset by the strengths of her musical accomplice, Alyssa Murray. A savvy jazz keyboardist and songwriter, Murray’s backing harmonies and serene keyboard arrangements bring a steady exuberance to the tune. 

The idea of sudden and splendid beauty characterizes the entirety of the song and its artwork, illustrated by Cassie Allen.

“Cassie had this idea to use Victorian flower symbolism to express the primary emotions and concepts behind each of the songs. Being a complete plant nerd, this idea really resonated with me,” Adams said. 

For “How Good That Feels,” Adams chose the amaryllis — a flower symbolic of splendid beauty that had recently bloomed in her garden, “suddenly and magnificently."

“This plant sort of hangs out all year, occasionally shooting up plain, tall, green stalks that eventually flop over. But then — seemingly overnight — appear a few buds, and shortly after from those buds, enormous and radiant blooms. I think this mirrors the idea behind the song — that joy can come back into your life suddenly, and those moments make it worth holding on through the hard times.”

And really, couldn’t we all use a little bit of that joy right about now?

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “How Good That Feels” by Claire Adams:

You can grab an advance CD copy of Claire Adams’ new album at Knuckleheads Gospel Lounge on Saturday, April 25. She’ll be performing there with her trio. Tickets are available here, and seating will be limited.

—Michelle Bacon

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