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909 Exclusive: Claire Adams – 'Golden Boughs' Video Premiere

Above image: Claire Adams | photo: Anna Selle

Kansas City-based singer-songwriter Claire Adams calls her latest music video, “Golden Boughs,” an “ode to human communication, especially over distance.” 

Filmed mainly under a cherry tree in her garden — and entwined with vibrant foliage and scenery from director Mikala Petillo — Adams impeccably expresses the interrelated beauty between nature and human interaction.

“[It’s about] how natural and imperative the need for expression and communication is to life, inspired partially by research suggesting that trees share resources and information within forests, drawing a parallel between root and branch structures of trees, and the arboreal form of the human nervous system,” she said.

Accompanied by a string section of Carmen Dieker, Alyssa Bell and Ezgi Karakus (with a string arrangement from Peter Lawless), plus Adams’ prime collaborators Alyssa Murray and Fritz Hutchison, the song delicately reminds us of the boundlessness of connectivity and the significance of expression. And especially right now, in a time of heightened social distancing, perhaps this is the reminder we all desperately need. 

Here's The Bridge's premiere of "Golden Boughs" by Claire Adams:


"Golden Boughs" is a track from Adams' latest full-length album, "You Know I Know You," released in late April. The album is available on Bandcamp and other major digital outlets.

—Michelle Bacon

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