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Chase The Horseman: ‘U Martyr U’ Exclusive Song Premiere

Above image: Above image by Skylar Cowdry

If you’re an avid Bridge listener, you’ve probably heard Chase The Horseman’s debut single, “RIPchord,” which has been in our rotation since December. Horseman returns today with his second tune, about the modern-day martyrdom that pervades our society. Horseman works as an audio engineer and producer at Element Recording Studios, and in “U Martyr U,” he demonstrates his skills as a conscientious craftsman. Out of a few sparing analogue tones and an acerbic guitar riff in the song’s introduction, he designs an intricate soundscape that lends a cinematic flow to the nearly five-minute track. With a push from Lennon Bone’s propelling drum beat and a panoply of reverb, the song unfolds into something even more striking. The songwriter acknowledged Element’s owner Joel Nanos for helping him develop “U Martyr U” after playing Nanos the original demo. “Joel has been a friend and mentor of mine for a good while, and this was the first song we started from scratch together,” Horseman said. The backbone of the single was constructed from the built-in drum machine of an old Hammond organ that resides at the recording studio. Horseman additionally credits his old friend Russell Buchanan for helping him write the chorus while watching the 2016 presidential debates, but he also sees the song as an opportunity for self-reflection. “I think this song is as much a question to myself as it is a commentary on certain personalities that dominate the conversation these days,” he said. “Maybe deep down it’s about self-ownership or self-awareness.” Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “U Martyr U,” from Chase The Horseman. You can catch a live set with Chase the Horseman and his band – including musicians Ian Dobyns, Ada Brumback and Skylar Cowdry – at Middle of the Map Fest on June 30 at The Brick. —Michelle Bacon

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