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Carswell & Hope: 'Abilene' Song Premiere

Carswell & Hope (L to R): Jordan Tucker, Austin Quick, Jason Slote, Chris Handley, Nick Carswell | Photo: Katlyn Conroy

On its first single in almost two years, Carswell & Hope re-emerges from a lengthy hiatus with a tenacious, magnified sound.

“Since becoming a dad in 2015, it’s surprisingly been a really prolific creative phase,” said Nick Carswell, the band’s frontman and songwriter. “Maybe it’s the constraint of not having as much time as I used to, but I’ve enjoyed the freedom of writing a lot — and since earlier this year, arranging and recording a selection of these new songs.”

The group has also returned with an expanded lineup, adding Jordan Tucker on guitar and Chris Handley on bass. “With the additional guitar, we wanted someone who could be fluent with the wide variety of influences and sounds that inspire us,” Carswell said. “As a lead guitarist, Jordan has played just about every style and genre, so we dip into a lot of different sounds. Chris is an accomplished jazz player and he brings a versatility and feel that is outstanding.”

Here is The Bridge’s premiere of “Abilene.”

“Abilene” will be a part of Carswell & Hope’s upcoming EP, “Exit Plan,” which is set to release in early October.

If you’re heading to Kansas City Irish Fest this weekend, you’ll have two opportunities to see Carswell & Hope: 2:30 p.m. both Saturday, Sept. 2 and Sunday, Sept. 3 on the Boulevard stage. They’ll also be performing at Crossroads Music Fest next Saturday, Sept. 9.

—Michelle Bacon

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