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Busking With The Bridge | Folk Alliance International | Day 3

As Folk Alliance International picked its way to Friday, The Bridge was on hand again to capture more pop-up hallway showcases from the annual conference and camp.

These artists came from near and far for the multi-day festival, and stopped by for the final day of Busking With The Bridge.

Julian Taylor from Toronto, Canada | "One Time"

Tarabband from Malmö, Sweden | "Ashofak Baden"

Outlaw Jake from Lawrence, Kansas | "Tennessee Shine"

Martha L. Healy from Glasgow, Scotland | "To Be Free"

Sarah Clanton from Nashville, Tennessee | "Stormy Baby"

Not Sisters from Kansas City, Missouri | "My Friend"

Ryanhood from Tucson, Arizona | "Appy Jam"

Morgan Snow from Salt Lake City, Utah | "Modern Age"

Mister Scotty from Kansas City, Missouri | "Accidental Day"

For more on the festival, watch our All Access video from last year's conference at Folk Alliance International 2016: A Primer.