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Bridge Exclusive: R.I.Peter – 'Cruis'n / Rising Sun' Video Premiere

Above image: R.I.Peter (Peter Beatty) | photo: Doug Bybee

We’re kicking off the weekend with a blissed-out music video experience from R.I.Peter, the solo project of Kansas City musician Peter Beatty. It binds the themes of “Cruis’n” and “Rising Sun,” the two singles he released on cassette tape in April, via Manor Records.

On “Cruis’n,” R.I.Peter takes us on a kaleidoscopic international tour. Filmed on analog VHS cameras, the artist glides through glitchy, prismatic backdrops of world landmarks, over a bed of chic ‘80s synths and slinking guitars.

Beatty calls “Cruis’n” a contemplative night ride at dusk, one where you’re asking yourself crucial questions. “It’s a quest for answers: you’re the driver, the passenger and the road,” he said. “It’s a journey we’re on most every day, but we usually get distracted by looking in the rear view mirror. ‘Cruis’n’ is about keeping your eyes forward and your foot on the gas.”

This fantastical first half carries us to a more optimistic reality in “Rising Sun,” where R.I.Peter reemerges on digital video, in front of a green screen. Gone are the lavish ‘80s grooves, giving way to the serene, free-spirited vibes of ‘60s psychedelic pop. It’s a crisp, hopeful transition that finds the artist sauntering through a grassy field, donning a crown of flowers and once again, looking forward. 

“The sun is rising on a new day — another chance to start again,” Beatty said about the song. “The previous night bleeds into the morning, but with a hot cup of joe and the people you love, you feel unstoppable.”

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “Cruis’n / Rising Sun” by R.I.Peter:

You can order a limited-edition transparent purple cassette or digital copy of "Cruis'n / Rising Sun" at R.I.Peter's Bandcamp page.

—Michelle Bacon

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