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Bridge Artist of the Week: Rufus Wainwright

It's time to "Unfollow the Rules" with our next Bridge Artist of the Week — singer-songwriter and composer Rufus Wainwright!

Last Friday, Wainwright dropped his first album of original music in eight years. If you're an avid Bridge listener, you've probably heard two of the singles on "Unfollow the Rules" — the lush "Trouble In Paradise" and "Damsel in Distress," an homage to Joni Mitchell. The new album is a return to the sweeping baroque pop style that brought Wainwright to prominence in the late '90s.  

Back in April, Wainwright was a part of Bryan Truta's Quarantine Conversations, where he chatted about some of his biggest influences. Listen to the conversation at this link to find out about other past musical endeavors — like writing two operas, adapting Shakespeare's sonnets to music, and paying tribute to Judy Garland.

A Conversation with Rufus Wainwright

Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright joined Bryan Truta on the air this morning from his Laurel Canyon home, in his bathrobe. It was a wide-ranging conversation about everything from his upcoming album "Unfollow the Rules" - delayed by the pandemic and now due out July 10 - to Judy Garland, opera and everything in between.

Tune in to The Bridge all week to hear more from Rufus Wainwright, and a few more tracks from "Unfollow the Rules"! Listen on air, stream online, via our App or your smart speaker by saying "Play The Bridge from TuneIn / IHeartRadio."

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