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Bridge Artist of the Week: The Clash

It's time to charge into a new decade with a classic favorite — The Clash is The Bridge's Artist of the Week!

We're celebrating the 40th anniversary of the band's crucial work, "London Calling." Released in the United States in January 1980, the double album is lauded among the greatest of all time. Introducing elements of reggae, rockabilly, ska, soul and funk, it ushered in a new post-punk era for The Clash and a host of artists that would follow in their footsteps. In this 2018 piece, The Bridge's Michael Atchison referred to the album as "audacious and perfect, a snapshot of a band willing to try anything and fail at nothing."

Using acerbic lyrics and trenchant melodies, The Clash's culturally evocative messages remain relevant in today's world — with clamorings for social justice, solidarity, unity and inclusion.

We'll be playing tracks from "London Calling" throughout the week. You can also take a deeper dive into The Clash by reading the pieces in our Related Articles section below!

"People can change anything they want to. And that means everything in the world." –Joe Strummer

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