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The Black Mariah Theater – 'Say A Prayer' Exclusive Song Premiere

This weekend The Black Mariah Theater releases its first full-length album, but the duo’s unorthodox sound dates all the way back to their elementary school days. 

Playing music together appealed to twin sisters Analiese and Sophia Motta due, in part, to a shared love of “The Blues Brothers,” and receiving an electric guitar and drum kit in grade school. That led to their first band in middle school, where the two learned covers by formative groups like The White Stripes and Green Day. High school brought forth the inception of The Black Mariah Theater, where the two started out by reimagining jazz standards with rock and hip-hop drums, or garage rock covers with a colorful jazz flair. 

“The mix of garage punk and jazz is something people would think might not work, but those were the styles of music we enjoyed playing and listening to,” said vocalist and guitarist Sophia Motta, while sister Analiese plays drums. “The incorporation of jazz into our music came from the idea that good music doesn’t fall into one genre.”

This Friday, The Black Mariah Theater is back with “Patron Saint,” the follow-up to 2017’s “Black Hearts” EP. The seven-track album builds on the Motta sisters’ love of bringing warm jazz melodies into the piquancy of stripped-down garage rock, adding a little more tenacity and a grungier bite. Today, we’re premiering the album’s second single — a funky, alluring tune entitled “Say A Prayer.”

“We like to fuse new ideas together from our wide array of influences, not get trapped conforming into one style of sound,” Sophia continued. “Our music is like our clothes; we don't want to wear what everyone else is wearing, we don't want to play what everyone else is playing.”

Here’s The Bridge’s premiere of “Say A Prayer” by The Black Mariah Theater:

The Black Mariah Theater is celebrating the release of “Patron Saint” with a special show at Knuckleheads this Friday, Feb. 14 (more details here). After that, they’re hitting the road for a two-week tour to Austin, Texas for SXSW in March.

—Michelle Bacon

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