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Black History Month with Calvin Arsenia & They Call Me Sauce

Above image: L: They Call Me Sauce / R: Calvin Arsenia

If you missed our programming over the weekend, we spent a day playing and talking about the inspiration and influence of African-American musicians to commemorate Black History Month. We also spent some time chatting with Kansas City artists Calvin Arsenia and They Call Me Sauce about their backgrounds and the impact of music on their lives.

Interview with Calvin Arsenia

"We don't need anymore allies, we need accomplices. We don't need people to be passive bystanders of trying to make this world a better place. We need people who are strategically making choices every day to make the world a more beautiful and equal place."


Interview with They Call Me Sauce

"I'm trying to stay true to what they call real hip hop, but also understand that hip hop has evolved and is different now. But it still has the same end goal, and that's to inspire culture and give a voice to the youth to tell their stories, to talk about what's going on."


And here's a Spotify playlist of some of the songs from the day:

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