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Belle and the Vertigo Waves – 'Fear Or Faith' Exclusive Song Premiere

Above image: Belle and the Vertigo Waves | Photo: Charlie Hibberd

When Belle Loux set out to make her first record, she had yet to perform any of her material with a band. 

“I had fantasized about hearing those songs with a full band for so long,” she said. “They had sort of become these characters that I grew up with.” 

Many of the tunes had been written around five years prior, when Loux was just 15 or 16 and had only played them as a solo artist — with occasional accompaniment from her dad, guitarist John Loux, and keyboardist Charlie Hibberd. 

In 2017, she hired the two musicians and a couple other friends to track “Aligned," dubbing the project Belle and the Vertigo Waves, in the hopes that she’d eventually assemble a live band.

“Recording was a surreal and emotional experience. Playing the songs with a band was like seeing them come to life,” she said. “I knew there was no way I could be a solo artist anymore, because I fell in love with the [full band] sound so much.” 

This laid a foundation for the Vertigo Waves’ chic, ‘80s pop-laden sound, which drew local attention in 2018. Most of the musicians from “Aligned” joined Loux for the live formation, and the band worked out its identity while playing higher profile local fests like Middle of the Map and Plaza Art Fair. 

But now, the group — which includes two of the “Aligned” musicians, John Loux and bassist Jeremiah Scott, plus the more recent additions of Elliott Holt on drums and Zach Nielsen on guitar — seems to have reached their stride in a grittier, grungier sound. Those ‘80s pop guitar textures still pervade the band’s new single, but there’s a more resolute drive (undoubtedly enhanced by engineer Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound) and a bolder, more assured sense of self.

Here is The Bridge’s premiere of “Fear Or Faith” by Belle and the Vertigo Waves:

Belle and the Vertigo Waves will be performing on the main stage at Boulevardia on Saturday, June 15 at 3:10 p.m.

—Michelle Bacon is 90.9 The Bridge's Content & Database Manager. She also plays bass and drums in bands.

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