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The Atlantic Erupts From Hiatus with ‘Desert’

Above image: Above image: The Atlantic last performed at The Riot Room in 2016. | Photo: Todd Zimmer

In its original configuration as a four-piece, The Atlantic had a relatively quick shelf life. Comprised of Eric Fain, Brandon Gardner, Blaire Geenens and Patrick Robinson, the group formed in 2009 and released just one EP and a handful of singles before rebranding as Clairaudients in 2012, when new members and textures were added. But there was something that resonated with that initial lineup — in its ability to juxtapose immersive, agonizing emotions with serene and introspective moments. In its knack to produce a mighty, affecting sound that was just as passionately eruptive as it was tragically somber and still. So back in August, when The Atlantic resurfaced with “Fever Dream” — its first single in six years — fans took note. “In the summer of 2016, we played our first show together in years,” said Robinson, the group’s frontman. “That experience prompted some writing, which was initially intended as muscle stretching, but it soon became clear that there was something in those songs. That turned into the obvious decision to do what we’ve always loved to do — take those songs and play them on stage.” Since parting ways, the members have all gone on to new adventures — Robinson got married, had a child and started assembling his own recording studio; Gardner relocated to Chicago and works in venue/broadcast studio production; Geenens moved to Los Angeles to study percussion and now works in a downtown LA studio with Cortland Gibson (drummer of former KC band Organized Crimes); and Fain manages merchandising for The Devil Wears Prada. The Atlantic is releasing a five-track EP this weekend entitled “Desert.” And with a handful of years separating the members from their previous works, this new material carries greater weight and deeper perspective. “There is more care and presence in our work together,” Robinson said. “It’s so much more enjoyable and untethered by these insurmountable expectations that some bands place on themselves, to either create the best thing anyone has ever heard or to hold each other accountable for things that they simply shouldn’t.” The EP, recorded and engineered by Robinson, will be released at The Rino this Saturday. And while The Atlantic hopes to play more shows and jump on a couple of tours in 2018, they’re also just planning to enjoy what they’ve created together in the moment. “This new process has put us all in a place of simply being great friends, making music that we love and are proud of,” Robinson said. “It’s one of my favorite things I’ve created, and that’s largely because I wasn’t anxious with expectation or self-imposed pressure. There’s so much joy in what we’ve created this time around. It’s been pretty liberating.” Join The Atlantic at The Rino to celebrate the release of the “Desert” EP this Saturday, with special guests Le Grand and Mess. More information is available. —Michelle Bacon writes about #kcmusic for 90.9 The Bridge, and plays drums and bass in bands. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter at @michelleobacon.

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