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The Bridge's Birthday: 19 Hours of Music Discovery

by The Bridge - August 16 2019

We're having a birthday party, and you're invited! Join us this coming Monday, Aug. 19, as we celebrate our 18th birthday! From 5 a.m. to midnight, we'll be looking back on the music and artists you discovered on The Bridge. Each hour will...

Presale: Gregory Alan Isakov at Liberty Hall

Posted on August 14 2019 by The Bridge

South African-born, Philadelphia-raised songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov creates deep lyrical masterpieces influenced by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen. He released his anticipated fourth full-length album, "Evening Machines," in 2018, to... [Read More]

Bon Iver Balances Prayer And Despair On 'i,i'

Posted on August 13 2019 by NPR

Hidden inside the three minutes and eight seconds of "Holyfields," are the basic schematics for i,i, the deceptively ambitious fourth Bon Iver album. The piece opens in a mood of electronic desolation, with a spikey, synthesized pulse that recalls the... [Read More]

Best of the Decade Wrap

Posted on August 12 2019 by Michelle Bacon

In July, we invited local music aficionados to share a few of their recommendations for Best KC Albums of the Decade. On Eight One Sixty, Chris Haghirian chatted with bloggers, radio personalities and promoters about their choices, and at bridge909.org, o... [Read More]

VuHaus Artist of the Week: Cautious Clay

Posted on August 12 2019 by The Bridge

Check out the VuHaus Artist of the Week — Cautious Clay! [Read More]

The Cat Is Fat Big

Posted on August 8 2019 by Aaron Rhodes

Olathe trio Bigfatcat is one of the metro's most exciting pop groups and just graduated high school “I like that it starts with that one,” Rachel Cionitti said with a laugh and smile.  She’s referring to “Young Girls,” the minute-long a cappella... [Read More]

Presale: The Dead South at The Truman

Posted on August 7 2019 by The Bridge

Based in Saskatchewan, The Dead South blends bluegrass, classic folk and a punk ethic. The group has been described as fearless outlaws and modern hillbillies, and jokingly refers to itself as "Mumford and Sons' Evil Twins." The band is heading out on... [Read More]


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